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Patty Yaks

Established in 2007 Patty Yaks is a Tibetan Yak breeding ranch located on the Western Slope of Colorado between the towns of Ridgway and Ouray.   We strive to raise non-aggressive, gentle, breeding quality, full blooded registered yaks. Located on 35 acres in a mountain valley with an elevation of 7500 feet, Patty Yaks is an ideal environment for yaks.

Why Yaks?

-         Affordable - Yaks are comparable to cattle in price.

-         Efficient – Yaks eat 1/3 of what cows eat.

-         Multiple Uses - They produce meat, fiber, and dairy products.  Additionally they can be used for packing and their manure makes great fertilizer.

-         Healthy – disease resistant   

-         Easy Keepers - Yaks don’t require special fencing or shelter and are self sufficient.   THEY ARE THE PERFECT SMALL ACREAGE ANIMAL.