PATTY MCNALL 1957-2013

Unfortunately I have not been posting on this page but I think it's time. On Christmas Day 2013 my wife and founder, Patty McNall passed away after battling a head injury from a mishap on her hourse. All who knew Patty loved her and she was well respected in the yak industry for her gentle way of training and interacting with her yaks. I am endeavoring to carry on her legacy here at Patty Yaks. I learned a lot from Patty about patience when training yaks and can still handle all of ours. It has been too hard to attend the NWSS in Denver but I hope to go this year. As a side note, I'm getting out of the yak business as of this fall. This year's calves will be the last of the Patty Yaks line. Sire, Yuki is going to Snowcliff with Lasya and the twins, Luna and maya are headed to Laughing Budha.

One other bit of news. Patty was a master weaver, learning weaving techniques from all over the world. I am utilizing her weaving facility here to host retreats and seminars. All the proceeds I collect will go towards scholarships for under-priveledged young student to continue learning in the fiber arts.




Patty out walking with some of the herd.