Our Herd


Yuki – SOLD- delivery 11/17

Our herd sire, Yuki is an imperial trim with a sweet, gentle personality.  He will eat treats out of your hand and loves to be brushed.  He has bred all of our cows each year and has produced large healthy royal, imperial, trim, grey nosed and imperial trim calves.



Eloise (Elly) –

The oldest of the cows, Elly is a grey nosed black that has beautiful conformation, a thick, lovely coat and classic yak horns.   She has a history of producing exceptional calves.  All three calves she has had while living at Patty Yaks have won first and second place ribbons at the National Western Stock Show. Unfortunately Ellie died 6/21/15 of unknown cause. She was 13

Lasya  – SOLD, delivery 11/17

Her name is Tibetan for Goddess of Beauty.  By far the woolliest of our yaks, Lasya is sweet but shy.   Never aggressive, she loves her treats and literally drools in anticipation.   Gentle by nature, she allowed us to help her through a still-birth without fuss or aggression. Many od Lasyas calves have placed well in fiber and pen shows at the NWSS in Denver. If you're looking for a good fiber animal, her calves are the best!


Luna – Reserved

A sweet royal cow, Luna loves to be pet and brushed and also walks well on lead rope.  Her twin sister, Maya, also lives at Patty Yaks.  Luna was shown at the National Western Stock Show in Denver in January 2010 where she overwhelmingly won the "People's Choice" award for her sweet and gentle demeanor.   In January 2011 she won the "Grand Champion" ribbon in the yak halter class at the National Western Stock Show.



Maya -  Reserved

The Reserve Grand Champion in the halter class at the 2009 National Western Stock Show, Maya is a royal cow with an exceptionally gentle nature.  She truly loves people and enjoys walks on lead rope to the neighboring KOA Campground to visit the campers.   She has a twin sister, Luna, who also lives at Patty Yaks.