For Sale

We consider our yaks part of the family and love each and every one of them and would love to keep them all.  However to prevent inbreeding we reluctantly must sell most calves each year. 



YUKI, one of the winningest calf producers at the NWSS

is for SALE!


A steal at $3000



Yuki is an extremely healthy 9 yr old Imperial Trim. Sweet and gentle. He loves his herd and is always on the lookout for a treat!
Yuki loves to have his neck scratched

Although rare for breeding bulls,

Patty has trained Yuki to love brushings.






Stout and very well muscled, Yuki is a prolific breeder.

May 14, 2012. Lasya's still wet bull calf "Pistol Pete".
Imprinting newborn calf

Whenever possible we like to witness the births and immediately handle the calves.  This is possible because of our training and the gentle nature of our yaks.