Why Buy From Patty Yaks?


Our goal is to breed high quality gentle, even tempered yaks.  While we don’t bottle feed our yaks unless absolutely necessary, our yaks are usually as tame as those that are.  We believe that calves should be kept with their mothers as long as practical to not only obtain all the nutrition that only mother’s milk can provide, but to learn manners from the other yaks. 


It is not necessary to interact with the yaks daily, but we do simply because we enjoy their company and antics.  Treats and brushing are a daily occurrence at Patty Yaks.  This constant human/yak interaction produces well socialized animals that appreciate attention.


Additionally, all our calves are registered with the International Yak Association and DNA samples sent to the UC Davis yak database prior to purchase.


Patty lovin' on herdsire, Yuki
First nursing by Luna's heifer calf
Patty with Maya & newborn Ogie